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A true disciple is one who has forsaken all to follow Jesus Christ, making Him the Lord of their lives. They are willing to surrender fully, yielding their lives to obey Him. Due to their commitment, they will become a learner and a follower of Jesus Christ, putting His Word into practice on a continual consistent basis in their lives. Being a disciple is about developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and loving God and others. Disciples seek to know the Lord and develop an intimate relationship with Him, instead of pursuing empty and dead religion, which is devoid of life. Their standard of living is based on the Word of God and living a life of love for God and their fellow man, and not based on the commandments or traditions of men, denominational beliefs, or an institutional religious system. True disciples live their lives for their Lord Jesus Christ alone, seeking to live a life of obedience to Him. They live lives separated from the world, resulting in a lifestyle different from the world. Being a disciple is about learning to live in the presence of God, being led by the Holy Spirit in one’s life 24/7/365 and allowing Christ to live His life through you. We will be continually adding more materials and resources to this website to assist you in your walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ. They will help you develop an intimate relationship with Him and grow in your Spirit-led walk.


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